Monday, July 8, 2013

8 July 2013

Not all of the craziness is due to adherence to rules:
Following Alice, but watch out! The Red Queen may be just around the corner

As much as I may rail against some of the rules of operation around here, some of the residents are worth watching for adding their own form of insanity. There was a gentleman here (he's not any more – moved to another placement.) who has shown many disruptive and/or highly offputting behaviors. He uses a wheelchair for most of his mobility, although he can get out of the chair and stand or take a few steps without support. I would first see him down stairs in the lobby, travelling as if he was on a mission. He often had a disheveled look to him that lent an air of some urgency to his appearance. He would have an oxygen tank affixed to the back of his chair with the usual fixture of an oxygen airline leading to thefront of his body. The airline had a cannula built in that most often was never sited properly on his face. Many times the whole contraption was just looped around his neck or even properly over his ears but with the outlets missing his nostrils completely. Sometimes he would have it in the right position but with the outlet for the left nostril shifted over and entering the right nostril and the right output airing his cheek. This made him appear particularly zany.

As he became familiar with my presence around the building, he began to try to interact minimally with me. Like asking if I had a cigarette? He really wanted to have a cigarette. On another occasion he asked if he could borrow ten dollars – he really wanted a cigarette. Eventually he would learn my name, then he would state my name before asking for a cigarette. I produced no cigarettes for him. There are none allowed in this building.

He also could often be found in the day room carrying on with one of the female residents. At first the carrying on appeared to be very similar to early high school behavior. They were often huddled at one table in the corner, holding hands, talking among themselves. He seemed to be the initiator, she seemed to enjoy the attention, but appeared to be somewhat reluctantly going along.

After watching this a while it was easy to notice he called her by one name that had the same initial consonant as her own name. He never seemed to get it right, no mater how many times she or the CENA's would correct him.

He began entering my room uninvited and unannounced. The method of operation around her is to first knock if the door you want to enter is closed. Not our boy. Several times he came round while my door was closed, and just barge in. The door would suddenly fly open and Mr.Inapproprate would partially enter and look very surprized. He would ask if I had a refrigerator, then leave. Twice he came insearch of the illusionary refrigerator. Once he asked for somone whose name I could not figure out. When he spoke it sounded as if he had stones in his mouth, so trying to understand what he was trying to say was often difficult.

The last time I saw him he paid me a ten PM visit. The door exploded open, this time he rolled right in and didn't stop coming on. I strongly said that he didn't belong here. By now he was getting quite a reputation for Exploring in many people's rooms, often when they weren't there. The staff had been alerted to keep a watch out for him due to this “exploring” tendency he exhibited. As he grew closer to my bed, he said that he had to use my bathroom. There is a bathroom off my room, but he wasn;t headed for that. He was making for the commode that I have to use. It is like an adult potty stool. It sits right out in the open in my room and has to be emptied and cleaned after each use. Clyde Crashcup is intent on using my facility, which is less than four feet from my head. He stands up in front of my elimination device and whips 'er out and proceeds to urinate into the bucket just feet from my face. I reach for and press the call light, but the CENA arrives as he is making his way down the hall after struggling to exit my room.

At least he closed the door.

I think what I have been seeing is the results of some kind of brain damage, possibly hippocampus. That's the way the clues point.

Its a special community here, in Bedlam... and to think, I can't just leave whenever I want. The only way I can get the solitude that serves my introvert needs is to close my eyes and“hideout”under my headphones, while trying not to worry as to the next crazy intruder.

Have fun, its a laugh riot here.

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