Wednesday, July 31, 2013

31 July 2013

Sometimes I feel …
so unlike words will suffice

There are moments when I feel
   as if I have had more than I can take. As if all the world's water is going to overwhelm me.

if not all at once, then sooner rather than later.
I feel like home on barely stable footing. How did i get here?

I try to center myself
but to no avail. 
I can't seem to settle.
I'm all over the map.

It feels like I'm traversing desolate territory, no destination in sight. Only way to go is forward, to where, from what?
This may be a little too close to the edge.

Maybe without so much excitement, the neighborhood looks nice though ....

  This is about the most daring I feel like traveling these days.

Anyone seen some of these? I could use some.  

This looks more my speed right now. Does look sedate  and inviting ...
First over the hills and through the valleys

And finally over the bridge until ....


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