Sunday, September 28, 2014

Its all in the Intent

28 September 2014
Sunday morning

It has been painfully obvious to me ever since I got here, that absolutely everybody treats my academic background as if it were non-existent. The only place I am referred to as “Doctor” is this magazine label, and my mother bought the subscription for me. Many of the staff call me “Sir”, which I have always considered a throw back to the British roots of our English language and the built-in class distinctions which have permeated English society for so long as to be nearly invisible. Sir always sounds so pretentious and setting apart of the speaker from the respondent. There is the implication of mockery when used in American culture, when the right one of voice is used counterfeit and derision seems to hang about like a bad odor. I'm always leery when I hear someone reference me with the appellation Sir, as if I am being set up for something. On the other hand, the appellate “Doctor” acknowledges the fact that many years of concerted effort have been spent In the successful achieving of an academic pursuit. The use of Doctor carries a sense of congratulations and welcoming recognition. Guess which term is way overused around here?

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