Monday, September 22, 2014

22 September 2014
Monday morning

I sept very well last night, getting my sleep schedule back toward normal. Keeping one's sleep routine approximating normal is difficult these days. Not only am I fairly well kept from experiencing the regular diurnal fluctuations of the day/night cycle, being inside most of the day, the window in my room is behind my left shoulder, so I just about never see outside daylight anymore. This disease results in extreme exhaustion being experienced after the most mild exertion. Often naps become highly important, their need making themselves known in sudden onset occasions that become impossible to ignore. If these small naps extend abit longer than needed (entirely easy to do), then the sleep cycle at night can get further and further pressed backward.

Recently I found myself unable to fall asleep through the entire night. I used my computer to entertain me throughout those quiet hours. Having my sleep schedule so thoroughly disrupted makes the daylight chores very difficult. It is a curious feature to note that most activities are scheduled to be performed in the daylight hours. Eating only occurs at three, uneven times throughout the day, daily bodily cleaning times occur during daylight hours (although there is no requirement for daylight to effect getting cleaned up), medications are distributed in the daylight hours. Very little in the way of daily activities occur in the evening hours.

So now I am back on schedule, breakfast has been eaten, and now cleared. I am nearly finished listening to the daily news on NPR radio, heard on my iPod. Somewhere between now and 11 AM I will be cleaned ( a bed bath) medicated ( a whole raft of pills and one daily injection of Copaxone). In between there will be lots of self time for whatever I want, reading (most easily done in ebook form on the computer, as it is easier to maintain on my chest that holding a book or magazine upright on my ventral surface). These pursuits must be of a quality that can be shut down and set aside in a moment's notice as there is no warning or planning on exactly when the CENA or nurse may enter the room intent on performing their tasks that are scheduled for that portion of the day.

Other interesting activities are best done in the afternoon after lunch as there is a much larger block of time that is uninterrupted. These include editing movies I have made, learning new software, writing responses to mail I have received and items that beg for my input (even if they don't realize it.

One of my morning chores is to see what has come to my email box and clean out the junk mail. One thing that I note has increased quite a bit lately are the number of mail failures to deliver that I never wrote. I have checked my machine for malware (none found) I believe these are spoofs, where some miscreant has snagged my email address from some publicly accessed site like Facebook and my blog. Then they sent off bogus messages to unknown (to me ) recipients, whose spam catcher algorithms bounce the offending emails back to the return address, which has used mine instead of theirs. I must get fifteen to twenty bogus messages returned to me every morning, between 9 and 11, every day. At first I wondered who was sending me mail and would open a few. The message was a simple one sentence or phrase accompanied by a URL for some product or service of no interest to me, and certainly nothing that I would bother anyone about. I figure it is some junior grade Internet marketing device unleashed on unwitting work at home types wanting to earn easy money in their spare time. I find some of the automated responses included in these returned unsent posts interesting, Jenifer no longer works at this law office, I am away from my office for a few days, to the most received this email could not be delivered. Below is a line copied from the first one of these returned unsent posts this morning;

United States Refugee Resettlement Program

The accompanying copy indicated that this was in reference to resettlement of Iraqi and Afgani refugees, that I need to get my application in soon, as the window for application acceptance is closing.

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