Thursday, October 2, 2014

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2 October 2014

A nicely overcast morning here in Michigan, the land down wind from a huge natural cauldron for producing water vapor through out the winter season. As the atmosphere cools the summer warmed water of lake Michigan rises up to join the prevailing westerly wind ghosting over the surface. By the time that moisture laden wind makes it over the state, the moisture has cooled, condensed and is no longer able to remain aloft. This kind of weather always reminds me: Winter can't be far off!! Snow comes soon.

I may be older, even no longer able to play in the snow as I used to do, but the childlike joy of winter snows still strongly reside in me. It does not take much to recall that delicious wet wool mitten smell, the quietly zipping sound that snow flakes falling as snow is flying past your ear, that strangely muffled sound of a winter scape gleaming in the bright sun after a snowfall has blanketed the outdoors.

I know the powers that be, the ones whose fears governing the care features of my life, will balk and pitch a fit. But I intend to a least sit outside in the winter as much as I can when the time comes. My winter scape will be penetrated with the sounds of automobiles and the city more than I would like, but I plan on getting as close as possible to actual winter weather. Not just gazing at pictures of it. A trip outside is invigorating, it makes returning to the confines of four walls a much more interesting contrast. I'm looking forward …

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